If you have always been looking for a really special Italian place where you can grab a cup of coffee, cappuccino or a place where you can grab a bite of something delicious and amazing, keep in mind that our Italian Oven café is the right place for you. With our fantastic menu and a really unique concept of what dining should look like, you will experience the best of what Italy has to offer without actually having to go there.

As we said, we have a really unique idea of what dining should look like. We are not a posh restaurant where the waiting staff is often pompous and act like they are better than you. Our Italian Oven café is a cozy, yet elegantly designed place where there is no typical waiting staff that takes your order. You walk to the cashier who takes your order and helps you get seated. Shortly after that, your order arrives and you get a chance to enjoy some of the best dishes of Italian cuisine.

What is special about our Italian Oven café is that we offer both indoor and outdoor seating. And with outdoor seating, there is a computerized system that you can use to place your order, which means that you don’t have to go inside to order the food and then get out again. Take out is also available, but we strongly suggest that you eat here because the atmosphere is always great. One of the reasons why the atmosphere is always great is the friendly staff which is at your service. They have been a part of our little family for a long time and this is, among other things, a family place where you can bring your kids and where all of you can enjoy eating our food.

Although Italian Oven café is a relatively new place, we actually own a few other Italian restaurants and cafes in LA and New York. This café and the whole concept was an idea of the owner’s granddaughter who is a chef and who was interested in creating something new, something interesting. And after running the business successfully for a few years now, we can honestly say that she has done quite well. Our café is almost always full during lunch and dinner time, but since it is quite big, we always have room for you. You can rest assured that you won’t be kept waiting long.

One of the greatest things about Italian Oven café is the location. We are very near the City Place, which means that we are perfect if you are looking for a quick lunch or snack after you take a break from shopping. We are proud of our location, but we have to point out that the main reason you should visit us is because you will have a wonderful time and you will be able to eat delicious Italian food prepared by a true Italian, who is also one of the best chefs in Florida.