Whenever I am not sure about what to eat or whenever I feel like going to a place where I can feel at home, I go to Italian Oven café. It is one of those little places that become your second home and where you learn the names of all the people who work there. Also, I have to add that they serve the best coffee in all of the Florida, as well as some of their meals that are simply too delicious. I especially love their pasta dishes that are simply too delicious to describe.


When I first came to the city, I was looking for a place that makes a decent cup of coffee. I had visited all the places in the city, or at least those that people recommended and everywhere I went, it was just not that. Either the coffee was crap, or the service was poor. I started getting desperate as I could not get that perfect cup of coffee that you need to be able to get if you intend to live in a certain city. Then, out of nowhere, I stumbled across Italian Oven café, a small place with a charm of its own, so cozy and so perfect that I could not believe it. My only worry was that the coffee would once again be less than satisfactory, but after one cup, I knew that this was to be my place to go to. Italian Oven café and everyone who works there, thanks.

Robert Stone, New York born and raised

If you ever happen to be in town and you are looking for a place where you can grab a bite to eat, nothing too serious and nothing too eccentric, then Italian Oven café is the place for you. It is this gorgeous little place where you can get all kinds of traditional Italian food at prices that are more than reasonable and where the atmosphere is just incredible. You will be more than satisfied with the food, but if you ask me, it is the atmosphere that makes Italian Oven café that very special place in this city.

Jennifer Roder

I have a very special relationship with Italian Oven café and for a very simple reason. Namely, that is where I met my husband just a few years ago. I was there for a cup of coffee and he was there, just grabbing a bite before he was on his way for the day. It was the first time I visited Italian Oven café and it was his first time as well. It was obvious that it was destiny and every year, on that same date, we go to Italian Oven café and have a nice meal. Of course, for us, this is something special, but we can honestly say that it is a small restaurant that will cater to all your needs, as long as you are not looking for delicacies that require a lab of a kitchen.

Hannah Wolf